Do you yourself live with a disability or does a person with a disability live in your environment?
Germany has set itself the goal of enabling people with disabilities to participate as fully and effectively as possible in all areas for a self-determined lifestyle. In the meantime, there is also the necessary legal basis for this. For example, as of 2018, the Federal Participation Act (BTHG) began to anchor a modern understanding of disability in the Social Code (SGB). People with disabilities finally have the opportunity to name their own participation wishes and interests. Different cost units are obliged to provide necessary and required services for the individual life organization of people with disabilities.

However, the path from the individual participation wish to the necessary service is unfortunately very long and sometimes quite complicated. Terms that are difficult to understand such as “needs assessment tool” or “overall plan procedure” appear. Often, forms with a total of more than 100 pages have to be filled out. The process from application to decision seems tedious and is therefore often not even tackled.
Especially since one is already so busy with everyday life in a care situation that there is no energy left for this hassle.
This is the reason why our company Inklusionshilfe Mandl was founded. We know from years of experience how to bring light into the jungle of authorities and stand by you from A to Z. We help you to get your entitled benefits and to make your life (even) more self-determined.

Set out with us on the path to your participation!

With our budget assistance service, we provide you with concrete assistance on how you can arrange benefits on the basis of social law according to your needs and wishes. We advise you on which form of benefits seems suitable for your way of life and show you new possibilities. We also make our team know-how available to your network. Often it is necessary to talk to your service providers, doctors, institutions and cost units in order to explain your legal claim for participation needs in an understandable way and to agree on new solutions. Very often we hear the sentence “nobody told me that” or “you are not entitled to this service”. We support people with disabilities in recognizing, describing and demanding their needs.

The term Assistive Technologies refers to assistive products and technical aids and the associated systems and service processes. We are specialized in AAC and offer unique individual solutions consisting of hardware and software. Ophelia (, the daughter of the company founder, is an AAC user herself due to her disability and regularly challenges us to find new ways and solutions for her school participation.

It is therefore very important to us to know that the special needs of people who use AAC are not only reduced to technical aids. It is often assumed that with a technical aid the person is now fully provided for. However, it is not recognized that the technology is only as good as the content created and updated on these devices. Who creates content, who takes care of technical updates or even when problems occur? Who makes analog content available in digital form? We know that a working solution in the family environment also needs answers to such questions. Often, support is needed in the form of specially trained assistance. So we are happy to provide you and the family environment with comprehensive advice and also address the requirements of how the technology used can be used. In individual cases we also help you to apply for the need of special communication assistants.