The basis for this is social law, which is found in the German Social Code (SGB).
There, for example, assistance services are defined and aids for participation in working life are detailed. The nine areas of life are also fundamentally described as support for the determination of needs.

Assistance services include, among other things, everyday assistance, (intensive) care in the home environment, support in household management, help and enablement for aided communication and much more …

We are convinced of the benefit form of the personal budget, because it is often the only possibility to shape one’s own way of life in a self-determined way. In Germany, this form of benefit has already existed since 2008 and is (unfortunately) only used by 1-2% of those entitled to benefits, depending on the federal state.

We will be happy to explain this form of benefit of the personal budget and the associated design options that are open to you. With an approved personal budget, you can arrange all services according to your wishes. You would like to continue to employ proven service providers and fill the gap in your participation needs with the help of additional personnel? You can! You want to become an employer yourself and find and hire your (known?) staff? That is possible! But you would also like to hand over parts or even the entire personnel management? That is possible! You wear the hat. You define – gladly with our help – which service you would like to perceive in which form but also assign.

We are at your side as budget assistance in the entire organization of your services for social participation. You decide where and how much.

Our possible services in detail: